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In this time when large gatherings are discouraged, the Green Group is still thinking of you and of how to raise awareness of our fifth mark of mission - to care for the planet. Hence “Movie Night at Home!” We encourage you and your bubble to watch these excellent films now being offered on Netflix: “Kiss the Ground,” “A Life on Our Planet” and “The Biggest Little Farm.” Each one deepening our appreciation of the strength and beauty of God’s Holy creation—sharing the state of our world today with so little time to correct the devastating impacts of climate change.

But they also offer hope. There are many things we all can do—biodiversity needs to be restored and the message is clear—the garden of Eden will return. God so beautifully made this world that it is quite capable of being renewed with or without our help. The choice is ours. I know I want my grandchildren to see this day, how about you? If you would like to share your thoughts about these or other fine films or books relating to caring for the planet contact the Green Group at Thank you for all that you do to take good care of our common home!