The Diocese of Ontario Congregational Handbook has been developed by the Stewardship and Congregational Development Committee and is designed to be a resource for parishes for: information, policies and procedures, key programs and core services for parishes of the Diocese of Ontario.

Rather than reproduce content that already exists on this website or on the websites of the Anglican Church of Canada or the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, the Congregational Handbook exists here as a general directory of weblinks to guide you to existing resources online.

The Wider Church

The Anglican Communion
The Anglican Church of Canada
The Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario

The Diocesan Church - Leadership and Governance

The Diocese in Profile
Mission, Vision and Strategic Direction
The Bishop of Ontario
Synod Council
Archdeacons and Regional Deans
Parishes of the Diocese of Ontario

The Diocesan Centre

Diocesan Staff
Diocesan Newspaper - Dialogue
Upcoming Events

The Office of Churchwarden

History of the Office of Churchwarden
Roles and Responsibilities
Property Support

Effective Finances - the Office of Parish Treasurer

Financial Responsibilities Overview
Accounting and Reporting System
Charitable Status & Charitable Receipting
Sales Tax Issues
Finance and Payroll
Common Ministry & Mission and Assessable Income FAQ's


Our Stewardship Covenant
Vision and Strategy
Mission Driven Stewardship
Serving Communities
Volunteers and Volunteering
Stewardship Resources
Diocesan Screening in Faith